Friday, 2 September 2011

Upcoming Hosting Products

VPS Server
Based on requests and feedback from our entire Reseller Base, we will soon begin providing
a vast array of Hosting Products through our Reseller platform.

Upcoming Hosting Products:

  • Linux VPS Hosting:
    Being one of our most requested products, Linux VPS Hosting will be the first new
    Hosting product we will launch. We’re currently in the middle of a limited beta and are
    all set to go live by Mid-September 2011
  • Linux VPS Reseller Hosting (Bulk Hosting):
    With Reseller Hosting, you will have complete control over every aspect of your
    Hosting offering. We will be ready to launch Reseller Hosting by Mid-September 2011
  • VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Services:We’ve also started work on providing VPS,
    Dedicated and Cloud Services to you. More updates and a clear launch
    time-frame will be communicated to you very soon!
  • LAMP Hosting:With a Linux-based Virtual Server running the LAMP solution
    with many Tools & Applications that are available on our hosting platform.
  • VPS Server:Has its own processes, users, files and provides full root access.
    Freedom to install any software and configure your account the way you want it.
We’ve even done extensive work on enhancing the scalability of our Hosting Services.

Sign up for the Linux VPS Hosting & Reseller Hosting Beta:

We’re running a limited beta for VPS Reseller Hosting and you too can enter!
All you have to do is Submit Ticket with requested products and we’ll let you know as
soon as we have an opening.
We look forward to your feedback and suggestions to help us launch some truly
World-Class Hosting Products. Stay tuned for more updates!


WebNX Sales Team
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